nourison rug

Incorporate Nourison Area Rugs in Newest Home Fashion Trend

Nourison area rugs come in a variety of patterns and colors that can be mixed and matched or combined with other natural fiber or woven rugs to create a regal space that complements both traditional and contemporary styles. Nourison rugs are beautifully handmade and come in a wide range of sizes.

authentic hand-made persian rugs

The History of Authentic Persian Rugs

These Persian rugs were made from colorful threads that were woven together to create elaborate patterns. Because of this, it became a way to express the artistic nature of the people and their culture. Every carpet is different from the others and their designs signify the origin of where they were made.

nourison area rugs

Create Quick and Easy Area-Rug-Based Remodels with Nourison Area Rugs

And we don’t only mean the ambiance; area rugs can change the literal feel of a room by adding not only depth and dimension, but also yummy textures to pamper your toes or cuddle you while you’re down on the floor to watch a movie or play a game. Quality area rugs even add sound insulation, an important consideration in a room used for entertainment.

nourison area rugs

Infuse New Life into your Home with Nourison Area Rugs

With the wide variety of rugs on the market, you may feel overwhelmed about where to start looking. Nourison rugs are an excellent choice for consumers, offering a vast selection of styles and designs. These high-quality rugs are made with New Zealand wool, a natural fiber known for its wear, as well as softness.

area rug foyer

Tips on Decorating the Entryway

Make sure the foyer or entrance way remains clutter free. This space is the first impression of the entire home; it cannot clutter. It doesn’t bode well for how the rest of the home looks. Pick items off the floor, scrub dirt and marks off walls and clean floors.

momeni new wave rugs

Momeni New Wave: Lively Up Your Room

Are you looking to fill your world with vibrant hues? That’s what the Momeni New Wave brings. This amazing Momeni collection draws inspiration from the Vienna Succession, Art Deco, and Abstract Expression eras, as well as the vibrancy of the colors found in the 20th century art scene.

area rug mistakes

What are the most common area rug mistakes?

Placing two area rugs of the same size and shape in the same room has the effect of less space. The trick is to subdivide the floor using different rugs with different sizes, which has the effect of creating an extra dimension to the room.