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January 2013

The Enduring Beauty of Sphinx Rugs

Sphinx, headquartered in Cairo, Egypt, is the U.S. division of The Oriental Weavers Group, which is the largest manufacturer of carpets and area rugs in the world. From its founding 40 years ago, Oriental Weavers has buttressed its early success with supply chain autonomy and production technology research. The company’s dedication to the best practices of manufacturing ensures the continued production of the most beautiful, durable, and economical rugs worldwide.


A small change in area rugs makes a big difference

It’s the new year and a perfect time to redecorate with new area rugs or pillows. Many people shy away from spending money right after the holidays, but in reality this is the best time to shop. Lots of stores are having sales on brand name merchandise and you can get some great deals for not much money. Small upgrades can make a big difference and, if you buy at the right time, those small additions can cost you a lot less than you were expecting.

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Feng Shui With Area Rugs

Area rugs are a staple for most any redecorating project. They are wonderful decorating tools used to warm up a room and make any space more cozy. They serve a functional purpose as well when used to tie a room’s colors together or cover worn linoleum. When it comes to Feng Shui, however, area rugs are often cast aside.