A Look at Traditional Rugs

Now that the holiday season is getting underway it is natural to think of traditions. Traditions are not only enjoyable but also give a feeling of comfort and stability in a world where change is so often a constant.

Traditional Area RugsPhoto: Karastan Cambridge

Many traditions continue past the holidays and become a part of daily life. One of these is what we surround ourselves with at home and in our workplaces. Our furnishings can bring a feeling of well-being to us day in and out. The right rugs give a feeling of comfort and relaxation which is multi-sensory: the physical feel of softness underfoot, a muting of sound, the visual way the colors and patterns pull together the whole room into a pleasant unity. Thinking of building this deep comfort and tradition into our furnishings can start literally from the ground up, with the use of area rugs.

What is it about some rugs that classifies them as traditional rugs? Using the word “traditional” to describe a rug tells us a lot about it. It implies that this is a quality design with an undeniable elegance. It tells us that the design is of old origin and that its beauty has stood the test of time. Traditional rugs generally use patterns from European, Persian, or classical Oriental sources and we do not need to fear them going “out of fashion.”

You may be surprised to find one thing about traditional rugs which is not traditional, though. This type of rug is usually assumed to be quite expensive. In light of their beauty it is hard to believe many are now machine made, which makes the price affordable. We are able to offer special pricing to make it even easier for you to begin your own tradition of having lovely area rugs.

Search our extensive collection of literally hundreds of patterns to find the best rug for your purpose. We are glad to offer rugs in many sizes, an amazing variety of color and pattern, and in materials varying from wool to polypropylene, suited to different applications. We welcome the opportunity to answer questions or help you choose rugs you will love.

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