A small change in area rugs makes a big difference

It’s the new year and a perfect time to redecorate with new area rugs or pillows. Many people shy away from spending money right after the holidays, but in reality this is the best time to shop. Lots of stores are having sales on brand name merchandise and you can get some great deals for not much money. Small upgrades can make a big difference and, if you buy at the right time, those small additions can cost you a lot less than you were expecting.

Area Rug Living Room

Take a look at area rugs, for example. Area rugs can be expensive so most people buy area rugs and don’t change them for years. They are the focus of the room, though, so a small change in a rug can completely alter the appearance and feeling of the room. We currently have some great deals going on for brand name area rugs like Momeni, Karastan, Surya and Sphinx.

To change the mood of your room and having some fun, try the following. If your space is currently formal and neutral, considering adding a rug with pops of color or a fun pattern to relax the atmosphere in the room. If you have a very casual space that you’d like to dress up, consider adding an area rug that is monochromatic or has a traditional pattern. This will formalize your space and bring up the sophistication level. All this without changing a single piece of furniture while bringing freshness to your room.

Something else to consider is the shape of your new area rug. Maybe you’d like to expose more of that hardwood floor, creating a more modern feel. An oval or circular rug would do the trick. Maybe you’d like your space to be a little more traditional. Go for a rectangular rug in that case.

Whatever rug you need to spruce up your living space, we have it – and we have it at a great price. Start browsing for area rugs online and have some fun! and let us know if you have any questions.

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