Accentuate Your Space With an Area Rug

Area rugs sometimes act as the perfect accent piece that ties a room together. Sometimes used as a statement piece instead of the more conventional choice of a statue or furniture pieces. Thanks to rambunctious children and pets, area rugs could also be a necessity: a simple and stylish way to cover that spot on the carpet that you can’t seem to get rid of, or as a preemptive strike to keep carpets and hardwood floors in pristine conditions. It’s far easier to have an area rug cleaned that it is to have a wall-to-wall carpet cleaned or hardwood floors replaced. Either way, a well-chosen, well placed area rug can add a sense of true design cohesion that adds impeccable style and taste to your space.


Contemporary Bedroom
Contemporary Bedroom
  • Bold patterns, lines and colors are contemporary area rugs  make statements in contemporary design homes. Coupled with the sleek lines and stylishly monotone color (stark whites, intense blacks and shades of grey) pallets of contemporary homes, a splash of boldness lends a little spunk to elegance.
  • Braided and weaved patterns are the hallmarks of rustic home design. Blending the comfort of a home-style hand-made inspired design with bold colors, warm your natural and/or distressed wood tones with these cozy additions.
  • Persian, oriental, and damask rugs earmark traditional tastes, blending a little of the old school with a little of the new to bring out the traditional design aspects of your home.

No matter the personal style, taste, color pallet and/or space; an area rug can be an essential addition to your home. Browse almost any size, style, color and design to find the perfect area rug and make a statement!

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