Anji Mountain Area Rugs Feature Wonderful, Natural Fibers

Are you preoccupied with thoughts about the health of your family, others and the environment? Do you like to surround yourself with attractive decor made with those thoughts in mind? If so, consider outfitting your home with Eco-friendly area rugs manufactured by Anji Mountain.


Paper Shag Rug
One of many beautiful rugs by Anji Mountain.


Founded in the early 2000s, the sustainably minded company makes it a point to use natural fibers in their area rugs. Those fibers include, but are not confined to Moso bamboo, jute, seagrass and sisal. There are several benefits to using such fibers. Take Moso bamboo for example. It is a prolific, edible plant that does not require the use of extensive, invasive cultivation techniques. How prolific you might ask? Based on American Bamboo Society data (pdf), one plant can grown 47 inches tall in a day’s time.  Thus, its frequent harvest doesn’t negatively impact an area’s ecosystem.

Considered a bast fiber, jute also grows quickly and requires little human intervention. In addition, it has the inherent ability to absorb massive amounts of carbon dioxide and convert it into much needed oxygen. Of course it’s not the bast fiber’s only inherent properties of note. It is anti-static, repels insects and is completely biodegradable.

Fast growing, plentiful seagrass and sisal have their own advantages as well. They tend to be very durable and resist mold producing moisture. Furthermore, none of the natural products mentioned emit volatile organic compounds. That’s an excellent characteristic to have considering that the compounds can diminish air quality and make people sick.

From an aesthetic viewpoint, Anji Mountain’s area rugs are also top-notch on several levels. For starters, they feature warm colors that can really add ambiance to a home. Furthermore, their straightforward designs make them ideal for inclusion with an array of decorating styles. One example of the area rug collection’s versatility is the Silky Shag Coffeebean. It sports a gorgeous, rich, solid color and a soft, textured feel. Thus, it could be used in contemporary designs as well as traditional.

To learn more about area rugs by Anji Mountain, contact us via our site’s live chat option. Our knowledgeable staff may also be reached by calling 1-866-680-0606.

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