Area Rug Baptism of Fire


When buying rugs some people prefer to buy an antique rug because of its history, faded and unique design inherent in handmade antique rugs. Beware, some dishonest dealers might try to convince you that a rug is an authentic, handmade antique. You should educate yourself first through books and online resources such as search on Google to watch for ways to spot a fake antique oriental rug from a real one. Learn about antique rugs and ways to discover the value and authenticity of a rug before you purchase it. One place we highly recommend is where you can find a wealth of information about oriental rugs.

Blow-Torching method used on a new wool rug (before wash) to achieve an antique look.

If you enjoy the aged, antique look of a rug but prefer not to pay an arm and a leg for it, you may look into one of high quality machine made rugs from Karastan. TeaWashâ„¢ is a unique finishing process invented by Karastan and used on rugs, see the famous Karastan Samovar Collection. This multi-step technique transforms wool colors from a lustrous into a vintage patina, giving rugs a faded appearance that usually only comes with age.

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