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Wool Area Rugs: Find out why they are adored by many and how to buy one.

Wool area rugs are adored for their softness and durability as well as the beauty and warmth they bring to a room.
Wool area rugs are adored for their softness and durability as well as the beauty and warmth they bring to a room.

Wool area rugs can be some of the most pricey rugs in existence, but they are also some of the most attractive rugs. Wool area rugs are adored for their softness and durability, and the purifying effect they bring to your room. Wool fibers have a unique ability to hold airborne dust and dirt through static electricity. This keeps the atmosphere clear of dust.

Wool area rugs also provide warmth to the room; not only by the feeling of warmth they exude, but also by being non-conductive, they help retain the room’s natural heat. The same quality of non-conductivity also makes them naturally fire-resistant, and provides another reason for selecting a wool area rug.

They prevent bacterial growth in humid places and are non-toxic and non-allergenic. Overall, wool area rugs are the preferred rugs for people with kids at home, because of their various health-related benefits and relative ease of maintenance.

Nowadays you can find area rugs on sale from retailers that provide free shipping. You can buy a wool area rug online from the comfort of your home and expect to get hassle-free delivery within a few days. Most sellers will offer a return policy but beware as many of them charge as much as %25 for re-stocking fee! Be sure to read the return policies thoroughly before making your purchase.

Wool Area Rugs are adored for good reasons.
Wool area rugs are adored for good reasons.

In the olden days wool area rugs used to be hand-woven in places like Persia, India or Anatolia. These would often take a year and sometimes years to make, and would be so costly that only Kings could have afforded them. But these days one can buy machine-made wool area rugs for a fraction of the old price, and these are of such great quality that even a connoisseur would be hard put to distinguish a machine-made form a hand-made wool area rug. A good example would be Karastan Rugs, made in our own USA. Some other fine manufacturers that are well known for quality and service are: Kalaty Rugs, Loloi Rugs and

Momeni Rugs, especially famous for their popular collection Momeni New Wave.

Karastan makes some of the best machine-made wool area rugs. This manufacturer has been in business for over 6 decades, and has created an impeccable brand name for itself. Their Axminster-made wool rugs are processed in various patented washing processes to give them that faded look which makes them appear exactly like authentic Persian rugs. These rugs with their high quality, design, fine texture, and the patented tea-wash and luster-wash processes to produce the faded effect have become the common man’s Persian rug. A good Karastan wool area rug is nowadays considered as a family heirloom.

Wool area rugs no matter how or by who they are made need proper maintenance. It is good to vacuum them regularly, because they collect a lot of dust. Take care to use an upright vacuum cleaner with a beater-bar action but one that does not have tooth or combs when vacuuming the fringes as they may tear. Be careful to turn your rug around every 6 months so that the same area does not always get the most traffic or sunlight; be also careful to immediately repair any damage or wear and tear, preferably using professional repairing experts. Burns, spills or other such damages need to be very quickly and carefully repaired.

Well taken care of, a wool area rug can give years of satisfaction. It can give a room a distinct identity, so that, years down the line, old men who once were kids will fondly remember that “room that had that old wool area rug” where a lot of happy days of life might have passed. Rugs give instant character and warmth to any room, and a room with such character becomes a part of the home, and an important element of the family that lives in that home.

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