Braided Rugs

What You May Not Know about Braided Rugs

Braided rugs developed out of necessity. Not wanting anything to go to waste, Colonial homeowners made braided rugs of their old recycled clothing to cover their cold, barren floors. The materials available determined the shape, size, and color of the rug.

While today’s braided rugs use new materials, they still add an old world colonial charm to any room.

Braided Rugs
Braided rugs are practical and available in variety of sizes and shapes.

Cloth Braided Rugs

Cloth braided rugs are part of our early history. Woven and hooked rugs are found worldwide, but braided rugs are uniquely American.

Though originally made by hand, today’s high-quality braided rugs come from mechanically sewing together strips of cloth. Afterwards, they are braided together.

Traditional cloth rugs are made in wool, cotton, or synthetic (such as nylon) fibers. Here’s how these materials stack up:

Wool Cotton Synthetic
Resists stains, mold, mildew Soft Resists fading
Withstands high temperatures Lightweight Can be hosed clean, so durable for outside use
Keeps its shape Keeps its shape Economical

Yarn Braided Rugs

Yarn braided rugs are the most commercially available braided rugs in today’s marketplace. Just like with cloth braided rugs, the yarn is produced using cotton, wool, and synthetic fibers (such as polypropylene).

Frequently, manufacturers add a filler to reduce the cost and heighten the durability and look of yarn rugs. Look for pre-shrunk cotton and/or synthetic fibers as filler for the best quality.

High quality banded braided rugs last for years, and because they are reversible, offer versatility.

Braide yarn

Whether you want a splash of color for your living room or are a cozy feel in your bedroom, a braided rug adds traditional old style charm and color.

Find the perfect braided rug for your room’s decor on our online shop today, and please let us know if you have any questions.

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