Buying Liora Manne Contemporary Area Rugs Helps Support Others

There are contemporary area rug manufacturers that pay lip service to the virtues of philanthropy and then there is Liora Manne. Based in New York, the consummate artist makes it a point to share her skills and good fortune with several charitable agencies. Thus, buying her contemporary area rugs are more than just a way to decorate your home or office. It’s a way to invest in others.

Two of the domestic organizations that Liora Manne is involved with are Alfa Workshops and Partnership for the Homeless. One teaches marketable decorative arts skills to HIV-positive individuals and the other helps New York City’s homeless population. She also helps people abroad by providing job training at the factories where her contemporary area rugs are manufactured. The factories in question specialize in using her time-tested, non-woven techniques to make amazing, contemporary area rugs.

Of course that brings us to another reason why Liora Manne’s contemporary area rugs deserve a fashion-forward, eco-minded consumer’s attention. Her durable rugs feature refined detailing, a natural latex backing and an EPA approved, antimicrobial finish. The manufacturing techniques used also give the finished contemporary area rugs a wonderful feel. As such, walking on them with bare feet is a pleasurable experience unlike any other. Discriminating decorators may also appreciate the vast array of contemporary designs.

Take her Ravella Area Rugs Collection for example. It features strong, mesmerizing patterns and a decidedly pleasing color palette. The rugs are also UV stabilized, which makes them ideal for use in sunny locations. Other notable contemporary area rug collections by Liora Manne include Seville, Oslo, Aria and Amalfi. The Amalfi Collection is exceptionally well suited for decorators that want to highlight geometric shapes in cool or warm tones.

To examine Liora Manne’s contemporary area rugs in detail, contact us at 1-866-680-0606. We feature area rugs from all of the highlighted collections and offer free shipping within the contiguous United States.

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