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Black Area Rug

A black area rug can be the ideal solution for many decorating problems but there are some things you must keep in mind when using a black area rug.

Round Rugs II

If you are going to use the round rug as an overlay, you have to consider the carpet it is going to be laid on. If that carpet is a solid color then you can choose any pattern that will fit in with the scheme of your room. If on the other hand the carpet is a pattern or multicolor then you would be better to stick with a solid color round rug.

Rugs of Karastan

Incidentally, if you are concerned about just how durable the Karastan rugs and carpets really are going to be then just check out their various and impressive warranties. No company is going to stand behind their area rugs to this extent if they were not absolutely positive of the durability and performance of their products as Karastan does.

Kids Rugs

We all want something practical and comfortable which also looks good. We have put together a beautiful collection of designs suitable for almost any girl, boy, from baby to tween/teen.

Area Rugs Brand Review: Momeni

To speak of the workmanship that goes into these rugs is really not a necessity because one only has to look at a Momeni rug to fully understand the talent and craftsmanship that is a priority in not just a few of the Momeni collections but in all of them.

Karastan Rugs Showcased at Greenspiration Home

Beautiful Karastan rugs, four of them, are featured in the Greenspiration Home, which was open to visitors during the High Point Market in April.
All these area rugs are woven in nearby Eden, NC, of 100% high quality New Zealand wool, a renewable resource produced using farming techniques that carefully preserve the health and beauty of the land for future generations.

War Rugs

Men on horseback with swords in their hand had been the nearest significant image relating to the war found on tribal rugs. But the invasion by the Russians gave Afghans an abrupt familiarity to modern warfare. As Afghan men went to the battlefield to fight, women (for nearly all rugs are woven by women) began weaving these area rugs.

Rugs: Transitional Area Rugs

Consider a room in a traditional home that has or seeks to have modern furniture; a transitional area rug easily pulls together all the design elements of that multi-hued room and seamlessly gives it a sense of style that is neither ancient nor modern but a perfect blend of the best of the two.

Rugs of Safavieh

In the last 30 some years, the Safavieh brand has won award after award for its exquisite area rug collections, and has taken the area rug market by storm by regularly bringing out imperishable designs and works of art in some of the finest collections of area rugs ever designed by any single manufacturer.