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Contemporary Area Rugs – What’s Hot?

It is not only the quality in designs, color variations and durability which have made the collections of Momeni popular but the material used and the discount prices have blown off all other competitors. One of the hottest series in the field of modern area rugs has to be the Momeni Elements. This collection has seriously spell bounded the customers with its elegant and versatile designs which makes it a fit in almost every type of room.

Area Rug: Natural Fiber vs. Synthetic

If you are in the market for an area rug, chances are you are feeling a little overwhelmed by all of the choices, styles and colors that are available. Before you make any decisions, you need to be informed about what you are buying. Here is a breakdown of each type.

Decorating With Contemporary Rugs

Some might think modern interiors are cold and not very homey, well if that’s what you think, maybe this style is not for you. However, a modern room today can be very comfortable and welcoming if it’s put together properly. Remember, whichever style you choose to go with, should be a reflection of your personality and where YOU feel at home.

The Poot – Documentary

Here is what Full Frame Documentary Film Festival’s website says about this 42 minute documentary: “In this pure visual treat, stunning cinematography and an ambient soundscape come together to celebrate handmade work in an age of mass-production.”

Why some area rugs shed so much?

There are two main reasons area rugs (and wall-to-wall carpets) shed. The first and more important reason is the quality of the fiber used. This issue is not only related to wool fibers but also to synthetic fibers such as polypropylene and nylon as well. The second aspect of the rug which contributes to shedding is the construction of the pile such as hand-knotted vs hand-tufted.

Area Rugs on Sale: Karastan

To make this special discount even sweeter, in addition to free shipping, we are throwing in an American Express Gift Card, up to $250! The value of your gift card would depend on the value of the rug(s) you purchase. For more details click here.

Karastan Area Rugs on Sale

In this economic hard time we all want to save money as much as possible. That is why this is good news for those who do not want to sacrifice quality to merely save a few bucks. Karastan National Month is a long waited affair which you could save up to 50% off on all its program lines including Original Karastan, Samovar, Antique Legends, Ashara, Sierra Mar, Shapura, and not to forget the Artworks collection which includes ever popular Plum Blossom 217, Mimosa and Bistro.

Common Area Rug Sizes

The size of an area rug is one the important factors to keep in mind when shopping for area rugs. Here is why the size is important. It provides a boundary and helps with designating certain areas of your space for certain functions; for example, dining room boundary can be easily defined by the size of the rug which is normally about two feet larger than table all around.

When A Rug You Love Is Back Ordered

You say to yourself, OK, that area rug in the living room is creeping me out. It used to look like a lovely painting years ago when I first bought it but now looks more like a rodent ran over by a semi-truck. So you start looking online and find the perfect rug which you think would lively up that drab floor of yours.

Contemporary Rugs

Don’t be under the misconception that you have to go with bold brassy vibrant colors to be contemporary either. There are some beautiful contemporary carpets that focus on the geometric lines with earth tones that are absolutely beautiful.