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Information on Momeni Rugs.

momeni new wave NW133 blue

Momeni New Wave: “To Art, Its Freedom”

The Vienna Secession, and the freedom from the confines of tradition that it represented, was one of the sources of inspiration in the creation of the Momeni New Wave area rug collection. At the peak of a new design movement in the area rugs industry, the Momeni New Wave is one of the most sought after collections on the market.

momeni new wave rugs

Momeni New Wave: Lively Up Your Room

Are you looking to fill your world with vibrant hues? That’s what the Momeni New Wave brings. This amazing Momeni collection draws inspiration from the Vienna Succession, Art Deco, and Abstract Expression eras, as well as the vibrancy of the colors found in the 20th century art scene.

Area Rug Labor Day Sale

Labor Day Sale: Find An Area Rug That Fits Your Budget

There are so many choices available for area rugs in variety of style, color and shape; however, finding that perfect rug in a budget we can afford in this economic times can be difficult for some of us. If you happen to be in the market for a new area rug, you’re in luck. This Labor Day (2013) quiet a few manufacturer’s are having deep discounts that are hard to come by.

Making Your Home Welcoming and Comfortable with Area Rugs

These rugs not only protect your toes, but they also take away worries about floors getting scratched or damaged. By placing area rugs strategically, you can make your home more comfortable and carefree to live in. If you have hardwood or tile underneath that you are concerned might become scuffed up by constant treading of family members and pets, an area rug is a perfect solution. Now, those living in the space and people who visit will feel more welcome to walk without worry.

Like Contemporary Rugs? Checkout Momeni New Wave

An assortment of colors and a vast array of styles clash together to make the Momeni new wave rugs. New Wave draws upon the classic designs of abstract and expressionist art, and gives it a twist with a bold use of color that turns it hip and edgy.

Contemporary Area Rugs: Match Your Individual Style

Often when choosing an area rug, the temptation is to choose conservative colors or traditional patterns, hoping that the conservative styling of the rug will keep it from looking tired after a few years. More often, however, the opposite is true.

Have a Wow Moment With Momeni Rugs

For decades, Momeni rugs have been perfecting the art of fine floor-covering. The company, founded by Haji Momeni in 1975, originally got its start when Haji began to send on-of-a-kind carpets from Hamadan to his son, Ahmad. His son then sold the carpets to fellow students out of his college dorm room.

Contemporary Area Rugs – What’s Hot?

It is not only the quality in designs, color variations and durability which have made the collections of Momeni popular but the material used and the discount prices have blown off all other competitors. One of the hottest series in the field of modern area rugs has to be the Momeni Elements. This collection has seriously spell bounded the customers with its elegant and versatile designs which makes it a fit in almost every type of room.

Decorating With Contemporary Rugs

Some might think modern interiors are cold and not very homey, well if that’s what you think, maybe this style is not for you. However, a modern room today can be very comfortable and welcoming if it’s put together properly. Remember, whichever style you choose to go with, should be a reflection of your personality and where YOU feel at home.