Choosing the Right Area Rugs for Kids Rooms

An area rug can be the perfect piece to define your space, add whimsy, or set the tone for your child’s bedroom or playroom.  The wide array of options can be dizzying, however.  What size?  What kind of materials?  How do I choose the right pattern?  Here’s a quick guide to helping you choose the right kids area rug for your child’s room.

Kids Area Rugs
Choosing the design of your kids area rug is the fun part, and there are a wide range of options.

Define the purpose.

When choosing kids area rugs, you need to determine both the purpose of the rug and the purpose of the room.  Are you looking for a fun accent piece, or do you want a rug that will ground the room and set a relaxing tone?  Do you want to define a play space or reading nook, or create a visual boundary between two sides of the room?  Do you need a rug that’s cozy for bare feet first thing in the morning, or a rug that will stand up to a beating from muddy soccer cleats?  The purpose of your kids area rug will help you narrow down your options.

Choose the right size.

What you will use your rug should determine the size of your rug.  If you want to cover the whole room, the general rule of thumb is to choose a rug that is two feet shorter than the dimension of the room, the right size to cover the floor with a one foot border all around the rug.  Another trick is to choose a rug two feet shorter in width than the shortest wall.  If you need a rug for only an area, say a reading nook, choose your rug based on the size of the area.  Look for one large enough to define the area and allow the front third of the furniture to sit on the rug.  If you have two separate areas in the room, such as a reading nook and a play area, you might want separate rugs for both.  They don’t have to match, but should complement each other in pattern and color.

Momeni Lil Moe Child Rugs
Momeni Lil Moe Collection is among the more popular rugs for child's room.

Choose the right materials.

When buying rugs, you generally want to buy the best rug you can afford.  For kids area rugs, however, you also want to take into account durability and how long you’re planning to keep the rug.  Nylon is a good choice for children’s rooms because it is durable and will resist staining.  Wool may be a good choice for an older child’s room.  Wool rugs hold up well to foot traffic, have a wonderful feel and can even develop their own patina over time.  However, a wool rug may not be the best choice in a playroom that’s going to see a lot of snacks, finger paint, and muddy shoes. Synthetic rugs are much cheaper to replace in case a stubborn stain does not come off.

Choose the right design.

Choosing the design of your kids area rug is the fun part, and there are a wide range of options.  If you’re looking for a rug that will grow with your child, consider a contemporary area rug in a neutral color that will allow you to change out accessories and accent colors in the room as your child grows.  If you’re looking for an accent rug for a play area, you might choose a rug in a fun pattern that will define the room’s theme.

Area Rugs Club has a wide range of kids area rugs available that will help complement any child’s decor.  Contact us to find a kids area rug you and your child will love.

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