Common Area Rug Sizes

Area Rugs Come in Many Sizes. Things You Need to Consider.

The size of an area rug is one the important factors to keep in mind when shopping for area rugs. Here is why the size is important. It provides a boundary and helps with designating certain areas of your space for certain functions; for example, dining room boundary can be easily defined by the size of the rug which is normally about two feet larger than table all around.

Most oriental rugs as well as contemporary rugs are made overseas in Asia and Europe. The measuring system is metric. Every meter is 3.28 feet and when a size is converted to feet, we always get some change, so to speak.

So what size should your rug be? I recommend this formula which I use myself:

Space + Function + preference = size

Now let’s breakdown the formula. Space is the size of your room where the rug is going to be used. Function is defined by what we do and the rug is supposed to do in the room. Preference is a personal taste and sense of design.

Let’s say you want to buy a rug for your living room where you hang out and have normally have a coffee table. The first thing you need to do is to measure the the entire space of your living room. Depending on the purpose which the rug serves like keeping your feet warm in winter time or covering that damaged spot in your tile floor, you decide how much of the space should the rug cover. That might be all you need to measure for the size of the rug. However, depending on what type of climate you live in, and the type of floor you have, the rug might serve a different function for you. If you have young children at home, the rug can serve different functions such as protection while the kids play on the floor and sound reduction when they run around the room and might disturb the neighbors living below your apartment.

The last element in the formula is the preference. You might think a small area rug under the coffee table looks a lot better than a larger size which covers the entire space in your living room. When it comes to bedroom area rugs, you may prefer a larger rug one which almost covers the entire floor so your bare feet are always pampered with the softness of your rug.

Those are the things you need to consider when measuring for an area rug. Thankfully, area rugs come in variety of sizes (and shapes), finding one to fit your space shouldn’t be difficult.

Area Rugs come in variety of sizes. Here is a scale to give you a sense of demensions.
Area Rugs come in variety of sizes. Here is a scale to give you a sense of dimensions.

Here are the most common rug sizes (approximately) and.. Continue reading Common Area Rug Sizes Part II


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