Contemporary Area Rugs – What’s Hot?

There is no doubt that area rugs have become popular among the customers who look to renovate their rooms, especially if they have some nice flooring such as hardwood floors. The reason behind this is the portability and adaptability of the rugs as well as the elegance and quality that these rugs add to any room while giving space for the floor underneath to shine as well. It is also important to give weight to the rugs advantage over the wall-to-wall carpet. Carpets are mostly limited to be used in a single room/home due to the way they are installed using nail-strips and staples to secure them in place, on the other hand rugs aren’t designed for entire room, they can be placed in small and large rooms without any problem. Finding discount area rugs online has been a more popular path with customers in the age of Internet.

Andy Warhol Contemporary Area Rugs
Andy Warhol Rugs have been big hits with customers.

There are many collections of area rugs that have awed the customers and have been greatly in demand. Some of these contemporary rugs have gained popularity with their excellent reliability and durability while some have spell bounded the customers with the elegant designs and variations in color. Materials used in the rugs have also been important with most people opting for quality material over efficient and attractive designs and so, the best selling rugs have been those which have had a perfect blend of quality material and innovative colors and designs.

There is no doubt that some companies have stolen the show with their brilliant collections and it has been normal to see two collections of the same company fighting it out for the best collection tag in the market of area rugs.  However, it would be wrong to say that all the contemporary rugs have battled hard to create their own legacy by attaining the highest number of sales and satisfied customers as two of the best collections of in the market of area rugs both belong to the Momeni without much challenge from competition.

It is not only the quality in designs, color variations and durability which have made the collections of Momeni popular but the material used and the discount prices have blown off all other competitors. One of the hottest series in the field of modern area rugs has to be the Momeni Elements. This collection has seriously spell bounded the customers with its elegant and versatile designs which makes it a fit in almost every type of room. The variation in colors is fantastic while there is no limit to the design variations in the collection. Reliability and longevity has never been a problem for Momeni area rugs. The only issue some customers have with some of the Momeni rugs and those of other brands is shedding of hand-tufted rugs. These types of rugs by nature do shed and sometimes excessively in the beginning. It will go away with time and it is recommended to vacuum these kinds of rugs few times a week for first few weeks and the shedding will be minimal (read: Why some area rugs shed so much?).

The competitor for the hot Elements series in the field of area rugs is also a collection by Momeni. Momeni new wave is a terrific collection that combines elegance, simplicity, variations and the 100% wool pile to simply mesmerize the customers.

Although Momeni seems to have secured top spot in the contemporary area rugs category, it must maintain its quality as other manufacturers such as Sphinx Rugs are also upping their standards with every passing day.  Some other great collections not to be missed and are big hits with customers are the Andy Warhol Factory HM and Revolution by Sphinx. It should not be difficult for customers with some basic knowledge about area rugs to find that perfect rug in today’s digital age having thousands of rugs online at their fingertips.

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