Contemporary Rugs

Decorating With Contemporary Rugs

If you are pondering the idea of perhaps becoming a bit more modern or making a fashion statement with your home decor you may be considering contemporary rugs.  So if they are contemporary rugs what do they not have? Well they won’t be floral designs and very likely not paisley either. There are no symmetries and they will have a clean sharp defined look to them.

Contemporary rugs are usually with geomatric designs; however, they can be found without a strait line and still look very modern.
Contemporary rugs usually come with geomatric designs; however, they can be found without a strait line and still look very modern.

The easiest way to identify contemporary area rugs is by their geometric or linear patterns, which are the most favored. Interestingly enough though there are now some contemporary rugs hitting the market that has uniquely incorporated the traditional designs yet manage to maintain the status of contemporary. They are a whole new category by themselves called Transitional Rugs.

When it comes to decor values and deciding between a contemporary or traditional rug what do you want to use as your criteria? To begin with recognizing the fact that contemporary rugs are very easy to fit in with the basic decor scheme of your room, whereas traditional rugs are a little more difficult to match. Mostly because of the patterns they product. A contemporary rug feels natural and homey, whereas a traditional rug is very rich looking and almost gives a formal aura to it. Therefore you decor is really going to dictate as to whether you are going to go with the contemporary rugs or not. If you are thinking modern in any way then you most definitely need to go with contemporary rugs.

Just like most, any other types of rugs contemporary rugs come in a whole variety of materials. You can even have bamboo if you so desire. Remember though that the materials also play an important” role in the overall blend of the decor as well. These rugs are available both in natural and synthetic materials.

All too often people feel that because they home is more of an older model the contemporary carpets will just not fit in with the ambiance of the home. That is simply not true. In fact you create an entirely new modernized look to that old house just by making your contemporary rugs work for you.

You are going to have to follow the same thinking being contemporary for your accessories though if you are going with contemporary carpets. It just wouldn’t fit well to have a bright geometrical contemporary carpet with a Victorian couch holding traditional floral pillows. That doesn’t mean that you have to change all of the furniture in your room over to contemporary. It means making it work for you in a more modernized fashion.

For example if that Victorian couch happens to be a cream color then some throw cushions picking up the vibrant colors of the contemporary carpet is going to work well (However, you will probably end up on the eclectic side). Going with one of the new neutral tones for the walls is going to downplay the age of the home and allow you some freedom with working with the colors in the contemporary rugs.

The other deciding factor is just how contemporary do you want to go? In other words, are you contemplating a large area rug or are you thinking about a few accent rugs. Either way there should be nothing stopping you if you really want the contemporary carpets. Just plan carefully and make the minor accessory changes that may be called for.

Even accessories like geometric vases and ornaments will help to tie the contemporary style together. Then don’t forget about modern artwork. That will most likely be the finishing touches to your overall room.

Don’t be under the misconception that you have to go with bold brassy vibrant colors to be contemporary either. There are some beautiful contemporary carpets that focus on the geometric lines with earth tones that are absolutely beautiful.

One of the important things to remember is to not to go after inferior contemporary carpets. They must be of good quality to really do the job they are being used for which is to enhance the decor of your house and put you into the latest fashion.

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