Couristan Area Rugs:The Foundation of Style in Your Home

It has been the trend in recent years to design homes with hard flooring. Wood finishes, stone, marble and slate tiles are highly sought after for new homes and renovations. The varieties of style and colors offered by Couristan Area Rugs has been selected to complete these organic looks.

Couristan Sale
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Handmade Collections

Couristan has been around for over 85 years and is revered as an icon of style and quality for area rugs. They import over 35 handmade collections from all over the world including Nepal, India and Pakistan.  These area rugs are considered works of art by the company since each one is hand-crafted with extraordinary detail and elegance. Styles range from antique, updated Persian, deeply contoured Orientals, and casual-contemporary and ‘green’ eco-chic designs.

Power-Loomed Collections

For truly affordable luxury, the power-loomed collections use the latest in technological weaving advancements to produce area rugs inspired by original handmade designs at a fraction of the cost. These also span over 35 collections imported from Belgium, Turkey, China and Poland. The designs offered are a diverse and distinctive range of patters in the most sought after color combinations.

Tips for selecting an area rug

Visualize your ideal design and layout of the room. Do you want a room rich with colors and texture, or a clean, uncluttered, muted ambiance? An area rug can accentuate other elements, can simply blend in, or it can be the focal point.

Consider how the room will be used. Imagine the traffic flow to help you decide the size and shape of the area rug. Keep in mind that should the rug be in a high traffic area, then you may want to stick with a durable, patterned design that won’t show as much wear and dirt.

Area Rugs Club features the complete range of Couristan area rugs now on sale. That includes the handmade, power–loomed and outdoor collections. This family owned business is committed to providing strong customer satisfaction through their extensive selections, reliable advice, competitive pricing and free shipping. Visit their online showroom today to select the foundation of style in your home.

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