Create Quick and Easy Area-Rug-Based Remodels with Nourison Area Rugs

At Area Rugs Club, we know that most people can’t simply call in their decorator and re-do a room when it becomes tired, boring, dated, or otherwise no longer suits them. And we know that painting is a lot more time consuming and difficult than those “add color with paint” commercials suggest. So what’s a real person to do when the living room, den, family room, or game room is in need of a decorating update that’s big on impact and small on time and money?


nourison 2000


Get down on the floor!

Seriously, you can update the look of any room by adding or changing out one or more area rugs.

  • Start by spending some time just sitting in there – look at the room from different angles, in different lighting, at different times of day and night.
  • Think about the ways the room is used – not the way you wish it would be used, but the way you and your family actually use it right now.
  • If you have paint chips and fabric swatches, gather them before you start your search for the perfect base for your area-rug-based remodel.
  • What do you have on the main area of the floor now? Is it wood or tile? Or is it wall-to-wall carpet? No matter the answer, a large area rug or a scattering of smaller accent rugs can completely change the look and feel of the whole room.


nourison floral rugs


And we don’t only mean the ambiance; area rugs can change the literal feel of a room by adding not only depth and dimension, but also yummy textures to pamper your toes or cuddle you while you’re down on the floor to watch a movie or play a game. Quality area rugs even add sound insulation, an important consideration in a room used for entertainment.

Nourison offers a comprehensive range of area rugs in every imaginable style, color, pattern, and construction, so you can choose from traditional, transitional, or contemporary styles in designs and sizes that match any room’s remodel requirements.

Once you’re ready to research the right area rugs for your remodel, consider the following approaches:

  • Use a large colorful contemporary area rug to anchor a seating or conversation grouping.
  • Place a smaller deeply plush or textured rug in a corner to create a reading nook.
  • Choose a bold graphic against a plain carpet or wood base to add color and brightness.
  • Put a round area rug in a room with lots of angles (walls, furniture, etc) to soften the overall feel.
  • Bring the beauty of flowers into a room all year long – with no trimming or watering required – with a floral statement area rug.


nourison rug 3105


At Area Rugs Club we have consultants standing by to help you choose the perfect area rug for your space. Contact us to get your area-rug-based remodel underway today and don’t forget we always have Sale and promotions and always free shipping on everything. Toll-Free 866-680-0606 (M-F 8am to 5pm).

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