Decorating With Contemporary Rugs

Decorating a room with contemporary rugs is not a difficult task given the vast selection of modern rugs available today. Some might think modern interiors are cold and not very homey, well if that’s what you think, maybe  this style is not for you. However, a modern room today can be very comfortable and welcoming if it’s put together properly. Remember, whichever style you choose to go with, should be a reflection of your personality and where YOU feel at home. If you enjoy things that are contemporary and of today, then this style is for you. Keep your focus on space, shape and color to get a slick and fresh look.

Shag rugs are very popular in todays modern homes. In contemporary home decor less is more!
Shag rugs are very popular in today's modern homes. In contemporary style less is more!

Contemporary area rugs come in variety of colors but the most common are neutrals, black, white with some bold accent colors. If your furniture and most other colors in your room are neutral, then you may want to select a bold color for background of your rug to make it stand out. It looks better not to have the furniture and rug color predominantly the same. Choose a rug which has color of your furniture in details not in the primary color.

Normally modern carpet and rugs have clean, smooth and geometric lines. Among the hottest contemporary rugs are New Wave Collection by Momeni, Many  collections by Dynamic Rugs and Sphinx Rugs. When selecting a rug, if your furniture is plain, go with large patterns and use smaller ones if you big prints in your furniture’s fabric. Alternatively, you can choose a shag rug which is also very popular today.

Keep in mind, with contemporary style less is more! Try not to use objects with excessive details and floral patterns. You will achieve the best look by going basic, bold and uncluttered.

Have fun decorating!

Tina V
Sales Team

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