Five Reasons to Choose a Wool Area Rug for your Home

Wool Sheep

Wool area rugs are a beautiful statement piece that adds color and style to any room. If you’re dabbling in interior design or thinking about giving a room in your home a facelift, here are five reasons to invest in a wool area rug for your home.

1) Warmth: The plush weave of wool area rugs provides additional warmth to wood or tile floors. If your home is already carpeted the addition of a wool area rug adds unique dimension and extra luxury to your flooring. It also provides extra stability to sometimes slippery bare flooring!

2) Style: Area rugs are nothing if not stylish. The wide variety of colors, patterns and styles that are available guarantees that you’ll find the perfect statement or accent piece for any room or style of interior decor.

3) Durability: Area rugs, particularly wool area rugs, were made to handle the wear of high foot traffic. The thick fibers and bright colors retain their beauty even in the midst of spills and wear.

4) Portability: Unlike painted walls or heavy pieces of furniture, area rugs are quickly and easily transported from room-to-room or from house-to-house! Their portability allows you to dream up new interior designs and layouts and quickly make them a reality.

5) Longevity: A well-cared for area rug can last a lifetime. Ensuring your area rug is properly cleaned and dried preserves the fibers and ensures its appearance and coloring.

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