Green Rugs

Green Rugs

Ever heard of green rugs? If you are contemplating of replacing your floor covering, then it’s about time you look beyond aesthetics and choose materials that are safe for your health as well as the planet earth. Eco-friendly area rugs that are specifically made using natural fibers, giving you that unparalleled peace of mind especially when you have kids running around the house.


Did you know that recent studies conducted by EPA have shown that the level of pollutants found in most homes are actually two to five times higher than those found outdoors? Truth is, you can easily find these pollutants at a glance on carpets and rugs in the average American homes. Volatile organic compounds as well as other chemicals that are known as carcinogens such as benzene and formaldehyde found in synthetic floor coverings may be easily found floating in your home and in the air you breathe. For many homemakers and residential owners, this is certainly a cause of alarm, especially in view to the fact that it would usually take several years to these harmful substances to dissipate. In addition to that, these flooring materials are also treated with highly toxic chemicals formulated to repel moisture and soil. Just think of the health hazard you unwittingly place your family into!
There are a number of great area rugs available today that you can choose from, all without suffering the guilt of the steep environmental cost it can possibly come along with. Green area rugs do not contain nylon or any other petroleum by-products, thereby enhancing the beauty of your interiors in a healthier way. Eco-friendly area rugs are usually made from natural fibers, such as wool, cotton and bamboo.

Among the top brands of biodegradable area rugs and green carpets are Sphinx, Karastan and Flokati, all have earned an impressive reputation of excellence in the flooring industry through the years. These manufacturers have responded to the demand for healthier alternatives and are currently making great efforts to “go green”, without sacrificing quality and design. Karastan, for one, has an eco-friendly campaign prominently displayed on their website, setting a new standard in the modern rug manufacturing world. With the growing concern on the health hazards of rugs and carpets and the serious environmental threat it poses, more and more companies have created eco-friendly flooring products that are healthier from its creation to disposal.
If you are looking for superior quality rugs, without putting your family’s health at risk, then browse through the vast collection of green rugs from some of the most popular companies at A look at the collection of green rugs will convince you that these rugs are stylish, durable and significantly less expensive that the conventional carpets and rugs available today.

Wool area rugs are one of the top choices when looking for healthy non-toxic alternative to the standard olefin, nylon or any other synthetic carpets. Wool is renewable, odor-free, fire-resistant, durable, softer and even air purifying. Now, that certainly offers you real value for your money!
Wool is also known to age gracefully, naturally renewing itself and is develops a rich patina through years of use. So while the synthesized fabrics may gradually dull and deteriorate over time, you can expect your wool area rug to remain supple and vibrant to the eye.

environmentally friendly Rugs

Take your time to browse through Area Rug Club’s vast collection of eco-friendly rugs, available at the best deals you can get online. If you only want the finest quality materials for your family, then don’t settle to anything less. The website features some of the best brands known to offer beautiful area rugs that are meticulously designed and produced to enhance your home in a healthier way.

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