Kaleen Rugs: Beautiful Products One Can Feel Good About Using

Introduction to Kaleen Rugs

When you select products for your home’s interior, what features hold the most value? Do you look for attractive, high quality, functional items that are made by socially responsible companies? If so, you may want to take a closer look at Kaleen Rugs.

4405-17 – from Botany Collection by Kaleen

Considered an international vertical manufacturer, the company’s management prides itself on being eco-friendly. They start by using a business model that maximizes resources, reduces waste and minimizes their firm’s carbon footprint. The management’s business model also places a high value on providing a superior working environment for its 3,000+ associates. That’s just a few of the main reasons why Kaleen Rugs was granted both an ISO 9001 and SA8000 Certification.

3407-70 Copernicus Wasabi
3407-70 Copernicus Wasabi by Kaleen


Understandably, Kaleen has more going for it than a venerable business model. They also make amazing, attractive rugs. Sustainable, superior materials are one of the features that make Kaleen Rugs so coveted by eco-conscious consumers. The firm uses pristine, seasonal wools as well as hand-processed natural jute in their artistic creations. They also pay fastidious attention to the weaving process. Accordingly, many of their finest rugs are hand-loomed and frequently inspected for quality.

5054-17 Castaway Blue
5054-17 Castaway Blue by Kaleen


Because Kaleen Rugs are made with pristine wool, you can also count on them to be incredibly soft, flame and stain resistant. The durable fibers will hold the vibrant colors of the rug’s stylish design for years as well. Therefore, you’ll have the ability to keep Kaleen Rugs in your family for generations too.

Kaleen 5056-17 AxelBlue
Kaleen 5056-17 AxelBlue


As mentioned earlier, Kaleen Rugs are also very pleasing to the eye and come in a wide array of styles. Some of the rugs are also suitable for indoor/outdoor use. A few of the styles on offer are monochromatic, shag, transitional and traditional. The rugs’ color palette is also vast. Choices range from bold colors, like watermelon, to the more traditional beige.

Want to check out Kaleen Rugs for yourself? For more information contact the Area Rugs Club by calling 1-866-680-0606.



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