Kaleen Rugs Review: Three Reasons to Purchase A Kaleen Rug

Kaleen rugs are a mainstay in the world of floor coverings. Their brand is well-known for many good reasons – not the least of which is the beauty and originality of their carpet designs. If you’re in the market for an area rug for your home, here are three reasons to purchase a Kaleen area rug.

1) Socially-responsible: One of the most noteworthy aspects of the Kaleen company is their status as a recipient of the Social Accountability System Certificate. To receive this award the company has to be in compliance with regulations regarding child labor, forced labor, health and safety, working hours and wages (to name just a few categories). Kaleen’s standards are exemplary as shown by their daily regard for the standards and the fact that they have passed twelve surveillance audits.


kaleen area rugs


2) In-house production: Kaleen employs over 6,000 artisans who faithfully and expertly handknot or handloom every single one of the rugs sold by Kaleen. In fact, it’s that attention to detail that helps define the artistry and quality that the Kaleen brand is known for.

3) Versatile designs: Kaleen is recognized for creating a wide range of styles and designs. Their patterns range from the subtle use of neutral colors and earth tones woven into a whimsical, swirling pattern to the dramatic employment of bright, bold splashes of color crafted into statement-making patterns. You’re guaranteed to find the perfect color palette and pattern for any room in your house.

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