Karastan Rugs: 85 Years of Quality and Style

Since their inception in 1928, Karastan Rugs have upheld a reputation for both quality and style. When considering room accents, area rugs add aesthetic appeal and a glimpse into the unique styling of the home. When choosing a rug, it is important to consider your personal needs such as what the area is used for, what materials will work best, and color or design pattern.


Karastan Original Rugs


Available in both synthetic and natural fibers, Karastan offers the homeowner a variety of choices for accent styling. If considering a rug in a high traffic area, a synthetic choice may be best. Nylon fibers can withstand time and use wear particularly well. Placing your area rug in a foyer or den demands a fiber choice with longevity and high-tensile strength.

The addition of stain guards are also a good choice when deciding on a carpet. Stain guards will resist most food, pet, and foot-traffic stains, in turn prolonging the life and look of your carpet. Depending on the Karastan carpet you choose, stain guards such as Scotchgard and ultraSTRAND may be available.

If you still want a durable carpet, but would like to stick with natural fibers, Karastan rugs and carpets are available in wool. Wool is traditionally tough yet easily accepts dyes and the color hues come out exceptionally beautiful in this fiber. This allows Karastan to manufacture natural wool carpeting in rich, bright color arrangements and designs. With high oil prices beginning to take their toll on synthetic fiber manufacturing, wool has become a manufacturer’s staple fiber choice.

Another style choice to consider is whether you would like a tufted or woven area rug. Tufted rugs are made by pushing carpet yarns through a pre-woven foundation. Latex material is then applied to hold the “tufts” in place. Woven style rugs are made by tightly weaving strands of carpet yarn together. The interlacing technique makes for a durable and aesthetically appealing look. Karastan rugs are available in both tufted and woven styles.

If you are considering an area rug for your home or office, visit the Area Rugs Club. We provide customers with a wide selection of brand names such as Karastan, Kaleen, Momeni and Couristan area rugs.

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