Karastan Rugs: Five Tips to Keep in Mind When Decorating

Interior decorators can attest to the joys of incorporating karastan rugs into a room’s decor. Whether you are furnishing a dining room, a living area, an office or an entryway, keep these five tips in mind when choosing a Karastan  area rug.

Let the rug set the tone

Let the Karastan rug you select determine the tone for your entire space. It’s probably one of the most important items in the decor, so use it as a focal point. Pull colors from within your rug and use them in your wall coverings, paint choices and window treatments.  Add furniture, artwork and finishing touches that complement the rug.

Karastan Area Rugs
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Consider surrounding areas

Take into consideration adjacent room decor. What floor coverings lead into the hallways, foyers and other rooms visible from where you are placing the new rug? Fine rugs are an investment and come in luxurious colors, rich textures and designs. Be sure they work well with the surrounding area.

Evaluate the traffic patterns of the space

Is there a considerable amount of traffic where you are placing the rug? Will you be continually straightening and finger-combing long strands of fringe dislodged by passing feet? If so, go for a shorter fringe or fringe-less rugs. Will children be trekking through with drinks and snacks? Choose rugs and colors that are forgiving of little messes.

Match durability with the functions of the space

Factor in the amount of use a rug will get along with the durability of the rug itself. Quality Karastan rugs are some of the most durable rugs, but heavy feet at entries and high-traffic areas, pets and bright sunlight can take a toll on even the most forgiving of rugs. Go with a rug that can handle this type of pounding.

Live with your selection in your mind

Imagine your rug selection at various times of the day and at different seasons of the year. Are your colors too difficult to work with? How will the daylight play off the rug you choose? What types of interior lighting do you plan for your decor? All these factors together create the personality and comfort level of your space.
The Karastan company has been pleasing home designers since 1928 and shows no signs of stopping. With prior planning and attention to detail, their products can warm your home as well.

To learn more about Karastan rugs, visit our website, or contact us with your questions.

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