Karastan Rugs

We all know that handmade rugs are superior in quality than machinemade rugs and are better investments as far as resell value is concerned. However, Karastan, an American rug manufacturer has been challenging its handmade counterpart from the moment its first rug came off the loom (2:02 p.m., April 8, 1928). Karastan has become synonymous with elegance and quality. Karastan’s manufacturing process was so advanced that trade magazines called its rugs “Mystery Rugs.”

karastan Kirman Panel Rug
Karastan spirit of innovation is still going strong. In 1997, Karastan invented a unique finishing process called TeaWash™. It’s a multi-step technique which transforms lusterous wool colors into a vintage patina which gives the rugs an antiqued appearance that usually comes with age. Although many rug manufacturers tried to imitate Karastan’s TeaWash™ process, none was able to achieve the beauty of Karastan rugs.
Again in 2006, Karastan introduced a new genre of area rugs called Shapura which redefined traditional styling.

The Shapura Collection emulates the softened shades of vegtable-dyed which are found in authentic handmade Peshawars. Karastan was able to give these Axminister rugs, by its newely invented LusterWash technique, a visiual texture that is indistinguishable from handmade rugs. It’s no wonder that Karastan rugs have become known as “Wonder Rugs of America.”

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