Karastan Sale Days are Here

Limited opportunity

From now through November 11th, 2013, Karastan is offering special prices on their carpets and area rugs. This is a great deal for anyone looking for a quality rug. Shopping always brings a tension between buying the best and getting the best price. This sale is a chance to get both at once – an opportunity that only comes twice a year. At Area Rugs Club during National Karastan Month Sale you also get free shipping in continental USA as well as free padding for all Karastan orders. You can choose between 10% rebate (up to) or high quality rug pad.

History of durability

Karastan has been famous for quality rugs since 1928 when they introduced a machine process that produces carpets that rival the strength and beauty of handmade ones.

These rugs became famous for durability when they were featured at the Chicago and New York World’s Fairs in the 1930s. At each fair literally millions of people walked a large Karastan rug. Karastan then demonstrated the product’s quality by cleaning half of the rug. The public was stunned to see the cleaned half restored to its former beautiful state. These carpets came to be known as “The Wonder Rugs of America.”

Obviously, any rug that can recover from millions of fair goers and food stains as these did will come through any wear and spills in your home with flying colors. These rugs are considered treasured heirlooms and are often passed down through generations.


National Karastan Month
National Karastan Month 2013


Clear fine quality

Karastan continues this quality production as your own observation will show. The rugs are backed with a tight weave and fibers are tightly twisted to contribute to long wear. The weaving process locks individual fibers into the backing, and a dense pile allows decades of use.

Karastan offers rugs made from different fibers to best suit various applications. They are treated to resist staining and make to cleaning as easy as possible. For the synthetics this treatment includes special Karastan solutions. Wool fibers naturally resist staining and do not require this treatment.

Take advantage of the Karastan Sale and enjoy a fine product at an unbeatable price.

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