Karastan Sale

Karastan National Month is Here!

Karastan National month are special times to save big on Karastan Rugs.

A sale promotion as big as this from Karastan is always a much-awaited affair, and customers who cannot otherwise afford to buy a Karastan, but must have one, have their dreams come true!

Karastan rugs can seem pretty expensive to some, but considering that they are made in the US under very strict quality standards, environmentally friendly (green rugs), child labor free, with lifetime or twenty year warranty, and are seemingly everlasting, the prices don’t seem to be too high at all. Buying a rug which will not last 10 years at half the price is probably not as good an investment as buying a Karastan that can last many decades but perhaps cost a bit more. Karastan area rugs are the only machine-made rugs in the world that when used for years, you can still get good money for them.

Enjoy the Karastan Sale while you can! Just enter the coupon code in “Discount Coupon/ Gift Certificate” box at checkout.

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