Karastan Shapura Rugs

Karastan area rugs took a novel direction in 2006 with the introduction of the Shapura collection. “We’re always looking for ways to expand on traditional collection,” said Elizabeth Miller, senior vice president of design for Karastan. “So we decided to develop a line for a customer who may not have felt Karastan was for them.”

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The Shapura rugs emulate the jaded shades of vegetable-dyed yarn and the close color values so characteristic of authentic handmade Peshawars. The exquisite details that used to be possible only in fine-crafted handmade rugs are now visible even in these Axminster rugs, and the faded, worn effect created by Karastan’s patented luster wash technology also gives these rugs a unique authentic sheen. These Shapura rugs once again demonstrate the superiority of Karastan in the space of machine-made but authentic looking Oriental area rugs.

These Karastan area rugs have come out in some of the most beautiful Persian designs, Tiana, Tiana Ivory, Tiana Glacier Blue, Athena and Mandara. Each comes with 20 year warranties and lifetime moth resistance warranties and the support that Karastan traditionally gives to its customers. With these new area rugs, the Shapura collection, Karastan is sure to get a lot more converts to its fold.

The original Peshawar area rugs were made with a special process using hand-spun wool that gave a very characteristic color when dyed and woven. These rugs were prized for interiors, especially bedrooms, for their subdue color palettes and natural-looking hue. Karastan master craftsmen have created these same colors and texture using their Axminster looms, and yet have managed to retain the authentic natural tones of Peshawar rugs.

Each of these rugs has a unique patina. They remind one of Oriental bazaars and colorful carpet-weavers carrying on with their craft in warm sunlight. They look so authentic that even a master craftsman from Peshawar will be hard put to tell one from the other. Karastan has once again been able to make a statement of its own with the Shapura collection.

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