Loloi Rugs: An Award-Winning Choice


Area rug aficionados will be spoiled for choice when browsing through the Loloi Rugs brand of rugs.  Created by area rug veteran and design visionary, Amir Loloi, this  medium to high end rug brand is impressively stealing the show with its limitless designs and sense of style.  When browsing through selections, you may notice that these rugs dramatically convey many impressions through its collections that include but are not limited to the following themes:  contemporary, traditional, transitional, and shags.  This brand also cater to outdoor area rug enthusiasts – offering a broad array of rug types in every dimension and size.

Loloi Rugs

The brand’s website boasts its recent and impressive track record over the past few years as stated below:

A history of illustrious awards attests to the excellence of our products. In 2010 and 2011 we received the ARTS Award for Best Rug Manufacturer. Most recently, we won the 2012 ARTS Award for Outdoor Living, a strong testament to our indoor/outdoor rugs. Additionally, we have won 6 America’s Magnificent Carpet Awards for superior design. This year, we are nominated once again for the Best Rug Manufacturer.

These rugs are typically made in a number of countries such as China, India, Egypt and Turkey where appropriate fibers and construction techniques are readily available.  Each rug masterpiece is created using a variety of construction techniques such as: hand-knotting, hand-tufted, hand-hooked, flat-weave and machine-made.  These rugs also come in a wide range of fiber-types, from the more expensive fibers such as wool to the lesser expensive man-made fibers such as polyester and polypropylene.

When purchasing an area rug, the degree of foot traffic and other living habits should be considered to optimize the rug’s usability.  This brand requires similar care to other area rug brands which customers should carefully bear in mind.  The rugs should be vacuumed at least once a week during their first month as the fibers settle.  Special care should also be taken to remove any stains that occur immediately.  Then it is an elegant possession for life!

As a reputable online area rug vendor with comprehensive selection, Area Rugs Club is strongly committed to offering its customers a wide range of Loloi Rugs within its portfolio.  A family-owned business since 1984, Area Rugs Club is committed to achieving strong customer satisfaction through offering reliable advice, service delivery and competitive pricing.

To learn more about our selection of this award-winning brand, please contact us directly.

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