Make your small room feel bigger with an area rug


Sometimes what’s needed in an otherwise un-put-together room is the right area rug.  If you have a small room, the right area rug can expand the room, and make the room feel larger and more spacious while pulling in the colors and bringing the room together.  But perhaps you’re not sure what size of rug you need, or what designs can help the room feel larger as well as not distract from the other decor.  Here are a few tips to help you select the right size and design to make your small room appear larger:

  • Determine the size of rug you need.  First, envision your room and then measure based on the following guidelines: use one large rug to fill the space, instead of multiple smaller rugs.  If the room is unfilled or it’s going under a table, such as a dining room, place the rug within a foot of the walls, or if you have furniture, such as a living room with couches, place the rug in the middle leaving about 8 inches of space between the rug and the furniture.  By doing so, your conversation area will feel cozy and intimate, without being crowded.

Decorate small space with area rug

  • Purchase a rug whose color is lighter toned than the rest of the room.  Having a dark rug will make the room appear smaller, but having a lighter rug will open up the space, allowing your eyes to see the bright and spacious areas of the room.  The best colors are neutrals, creams or off-whites, and light pastel colors.  If your walls are white, you don’t need a white rug to open up the space, but do stick to lighter and cooler colors.
  • Choose a pattern.  The best pattern for a smaller room is one that has large designs, or no design at all.  Having too much on the rug makes the small room appear cluttered and smaller.

For more information on the perfect rug that will compliment your small room, please contact us today!

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