Momeni New Wave: Lively Up Your Room

Are you looking to fill your world with vibrant hues? That’s what the Momeni New Wave brings. This amazing Momeni collection draws inspiration from the Vienna Succession, Art Deco, and Abstract Expression eras, as well as the vibrancy of the colors found in the 20th century art scene.


Momeni New Wave
Momeni New Wave is among best selling contemporary rugs ever!


The New Wave collection is made of superior quality Chinese hand tufted wool, which not only makes the rugs soft, but extraordinarily durable and stain resistant as well. In addition to looking great, Momeni rugs are also easy to maintain. With a Momeni New Wave rug, your floor becomes an art showpiece.

Started in 1975 by Haji Momeni in his eldest son’s college dormitory, where he sent bales of area rugs from Iran to be sold in the U.S., the Momeni name has been synonymous with quality rugs for forty years. Based out of New York City, Momeni strive to produce high quality, elegant rugs at an affordable price.

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