National Karastan Month – Beautify your home with Karastan rugs at special savings

Spring is here and what better time is there for giving your decor a fresh, new look? Of course, the easiest way to update and renew a room’s look is with area rugs.  Whether you choose a bright new color scheme, a bold pattern or a return to more traditional themes, the right way to start your decorating is from the floor up. And from now until June 3rd, you can take advantage of the semi-annual Karastan spring rug sale during National Karastan Month.



All Karastan rugs are the highest-quality, power-loomed rugs made from the finest natural and synthetic fibers. Karastan rugs will retain their beauty and comfort for years and are available in colors and patterns suitable for all areas of your home.

Karastan cares about your home and the earth, employing sustainable materials that are Eco-friendly. For an environmentally-friendly rug that is as durable as it is beautiful, choose a Karastan wool rug made from imported New Zealand wool. Wool is naturally flame-retardant and dirt resistant, making it an excellent fiber choice for carpeting. Wool offers superior comfort with durability and is easy to clean.

When choosing a rug, remember that the colors and patterns don’t have to perfectly match your walls or furniture. A rug can be the element of your decor that sets the mood of the room. If your walls are neutral and your furniture traditional, try a bold color choice to enliven the room’s feel. If you are going to completely redecorate, consider starting with a traditional Persian rug. Because of the myriad of colors and intricacy of design, you can choose one primary color and one or two accent colors from the rug to carry over to your walls and the rest of your design elements.

Karastan rugs come in so many designs and colors, that you can find the right Karastan rug for any room, any decor. From traditional Persian rugs to contemporary designs and even animal prints, there’s a quality, durable and beautiful Karastan rug for every taste

Area Rugs Club carries a wide selection of Karastan area rugs and we invite you to come celebrate National Karastan Month with us.

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