Need something to pull your room together? Try area rugs

Are you looking for something to provide the central theme or establish a color palette for your room? According to a recent article in the Shoreline Times from professional residential and commercial design consultant Janice Serendi, area rugs can do that. Whether it is the only splash of color or the most vibrant one, or its pattern is the most interesting aspect of the room, an area rug can absolutely work as the room’s focal point, just as a fireplace or a piece of artwork can. In fact, Serendi stated, particularly in rooms with cathedral ceilings or in a stairwell, an area rug can even be hung on the wall as as a piece of artwork. Serendi encourages those who are planning out the decor of a room or considering a new area rug to spend some time learning about the choices available to them. Are you wanting a contemporary look, traditional or transitional? Do you want bold and vibrant colors or something more muted? Would you like a wool rug, or perhaps nylon, cotton, raffia or jute? The choices are endless, the article states, and even include white shag or animal print. At Area Rugs Club, the choices are, indeed, endless. We offer the selection you need at a price you can afford, and with the customer service that you can trust. There is no membership fee and, if you live in the contiguous United States, your shipping is free. Check out our website today to begin searching for the perfect rug for your room and there are always some kind of sale on area rugs.

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