Oriental Rugs

Oriental rugs have a long history, with evidence that the art of weaving these beautiful rugs dates back to before 2000 BC. These rugs were probably first woven by nomadic tribes, to cover dirt floors and retain warmth. Later, talented artisans created rugs of such beauty that they were often hung on the walls in the homes of the wealthy and in palaces. When European explorers first traveled to the “Orient” (which included the Middle East as well as the Far East) they brought back many examples of fine linens and also these exquisite carpets. ¬†Today, Oriental rugs are still prized for their intricate patterns and brilliant use of color and design.

Oriental Rugs

Oriental rugs can be used in any home, and in almost any room. They set the tone for a room and add a traditional beauty that complements any decor. But because an Oriental rug may incorporate numerous different colors, it is best to choose your rug first, and match your walls and other elements of your room to one or two dominant colors in the rug’s pattern.

Oriental rugs come in many patterns and designs, each evoking a different overall atmosphere. Traditional Persian designs are always popular and are perfect for more formal rooms, but you may want to experiment with some southwestern-inspired patterns or the more modern geometrical designs for a den or a casual family room.

Oriental rugs are a great idea for apartment living, where the walls may be neutral and you need to infuse color. A rug with a large pattern will draw attention to the middle of the room, whereas a rug with a smaller, more intricate design will pick up the colors in the room and blend with them.

Choosing your rug is a matter of personal taste and your vision for the room you use it in. Whether you want to use it to separate one part of a very large room from the rest of it, create a focal point in the middle of a room or simply cover wall-to-wall carpeting, you will find that the options in color and design are varied enough to suit your every purpose and decor. You may even want to hang your Oriental rug on the wall, as was often done in times past, and display it as the work of art that it is.

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