Placing Area Rugs Over Your Wall-To-Wall Carpeting? Yes You Can!

It is not uncommon to believe that once your wall-to-wall carpeting was installed, that part of your interior decorating could be consider finished. There are some very good reasons to consider placing area rugs over your carpeting.  By adding area rugs you will creating more warmth and depth to your room.

Area Rugs over Wall-to-Wall
A good sized area rug can completely change the look and feel of a room.

Some more smart reasons include:

  • Extra Layer of Protection

Area rugs placed in high traffic areas will increase the life of your carpeting and reduce the need for spot cleaning.  Should a spill of a permanent nature occur, replacing an area rug would be much less expensive than replacing an entire room of carpeting.  Taking an area rug to be cleaned is also less expensive then having a profession carpet cleaner come to your home.

  • They Serve A Real Purpose

By creating a focal point with the addition of an area rug, you will not only add beauty to the room but it will be making the space safer. Especially if you have toddlers or seniors in your home an area rug can provide an extra layer of cushioning should a fall happen.  If you have had the experience of a teenager testing the limits of your sound system, you will appreciate the idea of extra protection should that vase vibrate off the shelf.

  • Redecorate In Minutes

A good sized area rug can completely change the look and feel of a room.  You might choose to change your rugs with the seasons with brighter colors in Spring and oranges or reds in Autumn.  By re-positioning the area rug you can draw the eye towards your seating area or the children’s play area.  If damage should create an eyesore, an area rug can solve the problem instantly.

  • Expression Of Style

An area rug can be a real expression of your personal style.  With the many different colors, patterns and textures available you could find yourself decorating your entire space around your beautiful area rug.  Be sure you take your time to find that perfect area rug to provide just the right accent to your room.

  • Avoid Thin and Light Rugs

Once you have purchased that perfect are rug, it is important that it doesn’t move or buckle under furniture weight or foot traffic. This problem is common if the rug is too light weight or thin, for example a jute or thin cheap machine-made rugs.

Area Rugs Club would like to invite you to explore our extensive variety of area rugs online and hope you enjoy shopping with us. In this age of technology when more and more businesses are becoming impersonal, outsourced and driven by bottom-line numbers, you can expect a real human relationship based on honesty, friendship and trust when dealing with us.  Contact us today and let’s find that perfect addition to compliment your home decor.

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