Quick! National Karastan Month Sale Ends June 3rd!

Here at Area Rugs Club we are celebrating National Karastan month! That means you are just in time to get some incredibly good deals on some of our favorite and most popular area rugs!

Karastan is a part of American rug history. It all began in 1928 in North Carolina. The first of the Karastan rugs were woven on an innovative new loom, the Axminster. The Karastan Aixminster was a power loom and the first of its kind. It produced a soft-backed rug and operated by piling yarn through the back. This was much the same as the original, non-powered loom. It was only a few years after these rugs became available that they were nicknamed “the Wonder Rug of America.”

Karastan National Month Sale

In the decades that followed, Karastan continued to grow, producing popular and beautiful rugs. By the 1950’s Karastan held numerous patents on the looms which produced their rugs. These patents were held all over the world, and the special looms were produced in Karastan factories.

Among the many innovations at Karastan was the first ever rug warranty. In 1980 Karastan began offering their customers a unique promise. If needed, during the warranty period Karastan will repair or replace any rug if a manufacturing defect is discovered while the rug was under ordinary use. Of course the repair or replacement is free of charge!

The high quality, history and undeniably gorgeous rugs have been noticed by famous and influential people the world over. By 2004 Karastan rugs can be found New York’s Metropolitan Opera and the White House. Any addition of a Karastan rug to your home is in good company!

Area Rugs Club is proud of our varied and fantastic collection of Karastan rugs. Sale: until June 3rd we are offering free shipping and a free rug pad with all purchases of these fine rugs.

Do you have questions on how an area rug can improve your home? Please contact us if you have any questions. We strive to provide you with the very best information and products, and we are always willing to help you make your home beautiful.

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