When A Rug You Love Is Back Ordered

You say to yourself, OK, that area rug in the living room is creeping me out. It used to look like a lovely painting years ago when I first bought it but now looks more like a rodent ran over by a semi-truck. So you start looking online and find the perfect rug which you think will lively up that drab floor of yours. But there is a problem! The rug is back ordered for six weeks! Ohh no!!! So what should you do? Frankly, I don’t know what you should do as I’m unaware of your specific circumstance. However, here is a piece of advice and something I would do. Ask myself some questions and give them honest answers then make my final decision based on that.

* Have I looked around for this area rug online enough? Does any other online rug retailer have this one?

* How badly I need to have that rug (or rugs)? Is there a big family event coming up before it arrives? Could that event wait?

* How important is the rug in my home color scheme and decor?

* How often I change my home decor?

* For what purpose am I buying this rug for? Is this rug going to be something of dear value to me such as an art piece? or just a piece of utility rug?

* Am I getting a great deal ( on sale ) which I may not be able to get at if I make a purchase at a later date?

The answers to these questions should make it easier for you to decide weather to order the rug and wait it out or just move on to a different rug with similar attributes.

I’m personally passionate about area rugs and admire them for so many reason. Here is what I would do. I normally buy a rug when I fall in love with it so therefore if I have to wait for a reasonable amount of time (up to a year depending how much I really love it), I would wait.

Hope you find this post helpful and it make it easier for you what to do when in that situation. As always, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about area rugs.

All the best!


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