Rugs and Home

Rugs and Home
A rug is something that can help your home reflect your identity and taste.

There are certain things that make a house a good home, and a nice area rug such as a Karastan or Momeni would be one of those things (especially if it comes with free shipping). A nice sunlit room with Ivy covered sills and children playing around is a beautiful thing; add a strikingly designed rug to it, in a strategic place on the floor where the soft sunlight falls on its carefully woven texture, and you have heaven.

Rugs and home; both words have an intimate relationship and one adds an extra sense of completion to the other. There are indeed few things that are able to enhance the warmth of your home, and rugs, triumphantly top the list. Why they top the list is not that hard to figure out. They are affordable, or cheap if you will, easy to maintain, keep your feet safe from cold floors and most importantly, they give you the flexibility to change infinitely. Every rug adds something new to your room and with the wide range of area rugs available nowadays, you can’t possibly ever get bored of rugs. Assuming you want to have your house feel like a home which I am sure, everybody that has ever built, bought or lived in a house does, an area rug is something that you cannot do without. A home and a rug that decorates develop a very intimate relationship, such that, over time, you cannot think of your home without remembering that old rug on the floor.

Many brands of rugs are available for your choosing, and they all endeavor to provide you with a variety of classic and modern decoration items for your home. Anybody that has ever wanted to make their home a nicer place to live in and has tried doing it by spending truck loads of money, knows how time consuming, tiring and not to repeat, expensive the procedure is. Rugs are a much safer option than wall to wall carpet as there are no such hassles as buckles on the floor or paying someone to rip it back up. You just need to place your rug somewhere nice that pleases you and have the freedom to move it from room to room or even to your new house! These are the things you would never think of doing with wall to wall carpet.

A lot of the rugs that are available in today’s market are made of wool. New methods and materials have produced new rugs that are machine made and the level of craftsmanship achieved is astonishing. It’s really tough nowadays to figure out which one is a machine made and which one, a handmade area rug.

If you don’t want to compromise on quality and would only opt for a handmade one, then think again. If your grandma didn’t tell you, I will. Karastan is out there to prove you wrong, very wrong. They are the kings of machine made rugs and they’ve been in the business since 1928. Now, that’s a long time and you would realize their good use over time when you see their products and more importantly, touch and feel the area rugs from Karastan. It is not a matter of luck or coincidence that Karastan happens to be the largest processor of wool in America and the only ones to make worsted wool products. Be it Karastan’s Persian Renaissance collection or the Original collection you can be assured that they are products made from the best quality wool and they will not let you down when your neighbor or your mother-in-law comes for a visit.

The great part about buying an area rug for your home is that most dealers ship your rugs direct from the source for free. Your precious rug is delicate and a reliable company would take the utmost care to ship it to you at no extra charge, proof of the fact that it’s something more than business, it’s the start of a new and long lasting relationship every time you opt to purchase a rug.

Rugs and Home
Rugs and Home

Reputable companies, such as, know and understand the intimacy of the relationship between you, your home and the rug you choose. They endeavor in every way to maintain that goodwill by offering you the best product and the best after-sales service. Coupled with the advantage of free shipping, the world of rugs has more to offer than anything to help you realize the true potential of your home space.

A rug is something that can help your home reflect your identity and taste. A rug in your home is the window to your inner being because with all the variety available, each rug comes with an identity associated with it while giving you ample space to be creative. It lets you explore your aesthetic side and individuality. On top of that, if you’re in a city like New York, a rug is all the more a necessity because it brings warmth to your home and under your feet while watching the rain and snow falling from your window. A plush, soft and warm rug will complement your favorite warm drink like no other on a cold winter day.

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