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Karastan is one of the finest rugs and carpet manufacturers in existence. This is the case for many reasons but most of their success is due to their credibility, which is accounted for by their experience. This company has been in business since 1928 and still going strong. Obviously, they must be doing something right and meeting the needs of the public.

They manufacture both rugs and carpets. This perhaps can be confusing to some individuals as to really what the difference is between the two. Actually, it is usually the size that distinguishes the two. The term “carpet” is normally used for wall-to-wall, and most often according to industry standards less than 40 square feet is considered a rug.

Don’t think that because Karastan has been in business for so many years that they have become stale in their concept of what rugs and carpets should consist of. Of course, they are never going to jeopardize their quality but they also know they must keep up with fashion and trends. They have no difficulty filling these tasks. They are consistently offering new and exciting colors, new fibers and innovative ways of utilizing those fibers getting the best from them that they have to offer.

Karastan offers some of the most beautiful and timeless Persian designs with colors fit for todays hottest colors.
Karastan offers some of the most beautiful and timeless Persian designs in today's hottest colors.

Karastan also believes in the importance of the preservation of the environment. This is fast becoming an issue of the general public in these modern times. Karastan is committed to their research for materials and manufacturing of their products that are not going to harm the environment during their entirety or use materials that are going to deplete the environment in any way.

There is going to be no lack of choices when it comes to their carpets and area rugs. They even have a great selection of runners as well.

One of the most important aspects of any rug of course is the materials used to make it. This is partly what gives it its quality. In the case of Karastan wools, you can be assured that you are only getting the very highest quality of wool used throughout their products. Another very strong attribute of Karastan is that they monitor every rug or carpet they make from the very beginning to the end when it ready to go to your home. There is no room for error here when it comes to craftsmanship.

You won’t have to worry about being restricted to simple rectangular rugs either as they have rounds as well and of course runners. Then you will have to consider the style you want as well as the pattern. Do you want animal prints, casual or perhaps floral? These are just a few of the many choices awaiting for you at Karastan.

There are numerous collections offered by Karastan. Making decisions as to what you really want is really quite simple because of the way that each rug and carpet is categorized.

How can one talk about Karastan and not mention the gorgeous Plum Blossom in Studio Artworks? The Plum Blossom is one of the twelve series of Karastan artworks area rugs collections, and their distinctive, exotically antique look give them a special place in the mind of the buyers and rug lovers everywhere.

The work of finding the perfect place to purchase your rug is already done once you have seen the Karastan rugs at Area Rugs Club. What is left is for you to identify your requirements so you know what it is you require and want. Once you have measured the area you want to cover and selected the colors you like to have, just browse the entire collection in just a few minutes to find your dream rug.

Incidentally, if you are concerned about just how durable the Karastan rugs and carpets really are going to be then just check out their various and impressive warranties. No company is going to stand behind their area rugs to this extent if they were not absolutely positive of the durability and performance of their products as Karastan does.

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