Sphinx Rugs: A Reputation For Innovative Design

Among interior designers and home-decor enthusiasts, Sphinx Rugs has garnered a reputation for creating tasteful, inventive oriental rug designs.

While other companies focus strictly on traditional artistic concepts or stick close to heritage approaches to rug-weaving, Sphinx Rugs (by Oriental Weavers) has taken the traditional idea of an oriental rug and used it as a base for exploring a more modern, cutting-edge sensibility.

For instance, its Kharma II round rug features a beautiful abstract design that is not uncommon in traditional oriental rugs. However, Sphinx Rugs made it unique by focusing in on elements of the design, making its features larger-than-life, and rendering it in a circular shape, rather than the traditional rectangle. Hence, it has created a unique work of art that is informed by the common concept of what an oriental rug looks like, but is definitely its own lovely object.

Another example: this rug from its Kharma II collection. Featuring large blocks of warm-tone colors that gracefully overlap and melt into one another, it bears as much resemblance to a work by modern artist Mark Rothko as it does to the standard oriental rug.

At Area Rugs Club, we strive to meet the tastes and expectations of all our customers. That is why we are pleased to offer Sphinx Rugs’ more unexpected designs alongside our plethora of more customary oriental rugs.

For more information on Sphinx Rugs, or on area rugs in general, please feel free to visit our website. We’re quite sure that your home’s next beautiful adornment awaits you here.

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