Surya Rugs and Pillows: Great Picks for Contemporary Style Homes

Surya Rugs and PillowsAre you hoping to give you home’s living room a contemporary look? If so, you may want to check out Surya Rugs. The company manufactures a line of area rugs and pillows that would be ideal for creating an aesthetically pleasing, fashionable vibe in any room.

In general, creating a contemporary look involves some key elements. Those key elements include the use of textures, clean lines, bold accents, modern lighting and wall colors. Black and white colors often tend to figure prominently into the contemporary style as they create contrast and boldness.

Surya Rugs’ sustainably minded Goa Collection takes those elements into consideration. Take the hand-tufted G-60 rug for example. It features a black and tan, animal skin pattern that contains strong lines. It’s also made with pristine wool from New Zealand. The country is known worldwide for its sustainable practices, especially when it comes to wool production.

The Surya Rug would pair well with a series of textured items including pieces from the company’s Decorative Pillows. Surya pillows of note include the FA-042 and the FA-061. Both are handcrafted and made with pure polyester. The FA-042 is a small, square pillow covered in brown strands. The FA-061 has the same texture, only its made with black strands.

Another Surya Rug that would work with a contemporary design scheme is the G-96. It is also hand-tufted and made with New Zealand wool. The difference between the two Surya Rugs rests with the design. The G-96 features a neutral colored background and a clean, geometric foreground. The foreground contains a series of repeating circles in assorted accent colors. Thus, the rug would be perfect as an accent piece. It would look wonderful with Suyra’s solid color pillows. Pillows to consider are the BB-045 Red, HH-018, PC-1002 and HH-036. These are just a few examples. This brand has thousands of patterns to offer from casual to modern and traditional.

For a closer look at Surya Rugs and pillows that can complete a contemporary look, and don’t forget to check out our Father’s Day Sale promotion. Contact us at 1-866-680-0606 if you have any questions.

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