Surya Rugs joins Sustainable Furnishings Council

In a world where the population continually increases while resources seem to diminish, there’s increasing incentive to be green in all elements of design and contemporary living. In the past, you may have had to make difficult trade-offs between ecological and economical concerns, or you may have sacrificed comfort for the sake of the environment.

Surya Area Rugs

However, as our awareness of environmental issues increases, more companies are realizing the importance of working with producers and manufacturers to develop natural and eco-friendly products.  From the production and choice of materials, to transportation and manufacturing, sustainability is considered in every level of the product life-cycle.

In other words, you have the increased ability to choose design elements that are beautiful and sustainable, durable and green, comfortable and environmentally sound.  Area Rugs Club provides a full catalog of area rugs, many of which reflect this growing trend.

In December 2012, Surya Rugs was proud to join the Sustainable Furnishings Council, a group of forward-thinking businesses who are promoting ecologically sound decisions throughout the industry.  Formed in 2006, the Sustainable Furnishings Council is partnership of industry leaders who work to promote sustainability through guidelines for best practices.

“We are delighted to have welcomed Surya into Sustainable Furnishings Council membership – they are a dynamic company, bringing unique energy to their product development and marketing efforts. The company’s profound commitment to excellence will result in responsibility to the cause, as well as to their customer,” says Susan Inglis, Executive Director of the Sustainable Furnishings Council. (

Surya works hard to eliminate waste throughout the supply chain, and to consciously make eco-friendly decisions in their business practices.  As the demand for sustainable furnishings increase, Surya is preparing to meet that demand through natural and sustainable products that are beautiful, durable, and comfortable.

Area Rugs Club supports environmentally friendly businesses, and is pleased to offer deep discounts on Surya Rugs and Eco-Friendly Rugs from a variety of brands including Anji Mountain Bamboo (don’t miss recycled paper shag rugs).

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