Surya Rugs: Known For Quality, Renowned For Beautiful Design

Because we strive to offer our customers a wide selection of fashionable and contemporary rugs, Surya Rugs is one of our favorite suppliers.


Surya Rugs Pillows
Surya offers a huge selection of beautiful rugs and matching pillows in many styles


Founded in 1976 in Ugapur, a village in northeastern India, Surya Rugs quickly distinguished itself from the countless other India-based makers of rugs and textiles by marrying traditional Indian skills and aesthetics with modern technology and innovations. The result was a rug company that was quickly noticed and readily patronized by many Western taste-makers.

As it has grown, Surya has branched out from familiar, classic Indian motifs and now offers nearly 5,000 products, including looks that would not be out of place in avant-garde interior decorating magazines. Even with its expansion as a company, Surya has been scrupulous about maintaining product quality and integrity. In Surya’s case, growing has not meant alienating itself from the values that have made it a successful and top-notch company since Day One.

Because Surya offers us designs that are beautiful, unique and interesting as well as an established history of providing quality product, we can offer their rugs to you with the confidence that they will not only delight you, but will prove to be a quality addition to your home for years to come. We often hear from customers who have purchased Surya Rugs, and they are almost always very pleased with the decision they made. Complementing their rugs, they offer a huge selection of designer pillows which makes it easy to find a set to match that perfect rug, so be sure to checkout Surya Pillows as well.

If you are interested in learning more about Surya Rugs, or the other lines of rugs we carry, you are welcome to visit our website

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