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Momeni New Wave: “To Art, Its Freedom”

The Vienna Secession, and the freedom from the confines of tradition that it represented, was one of the sources of inspiration in the creation of the Momeni New Wave area rug collection. At the peak of a new design movement in the area rugs industry, the Momeni New Wave is one of the most sought after collections on the market.

Five Reasons to Choose a Wool Area Rug for your Home

Wool area rugs are a beautiful statement piece that adds color and style to any room. If you’re dabbling in interior design or thinking about giving a room in your home a facelift, here are five reasons to invest in a wool area rug for your home.

Couristan Area Rugs:The Foundation of Style in Your Home

For truly affordable luxury, the power-loomed collections use the latest in technological weaving advancements to produce area rugs inspired by original handmade designs at a fraction of the cost. These also span over 35 collections imported from Belgium, Turkey, China and Poland. The designs offered are a diverse and distinctive range of patters in the most sought after color combinations.

Decorating with Area Rugs (some tips)

Since you will be using the rug as both the main focus point of the room and a guide for additional decorating, it’s important to carefully consider which pieces of furniture and paintings will ultimately compliment the design of the rug. For instance, dark paintings and decorations tend to work well with lighter rugs embellished with simple dark designs. It is also essential to consider the walls. Patterns and wallpaper tend to match best with solid rugs, while plain walls compliment elaborate artwork best.

area rugs on sale

Area Rugs On Sale

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Karastan Sale

Karastan Sale

A sale promotion as big as this from Karastan is always a much-awaited affair, and customers who cannot otherwise afford to buy a Karastan, but must have one, have their dreams come true!