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Spring Sale Indoor Outdoor Rugs

Think Spring! Outdoor Area Rugs To Fit Any Style

. Outdoor area rugs are offered in as many pattern styles you can imagine. If you are going for a less traditional look and perhaps don’t want to have a lot going on on the floor, choose a design that’s simple and yet not boring like a tiled pattern by Liora Manne.

Need something to pull your room together? Try area rugs

Are you looking for something to provide the central theme or establish a color palette for your room? According to a recent article in the Shoreline Times from professional residential and commercial design consultant Janice Serendi, area rugs can do that. Whether it is the only splash of color or the most vibrant one, or its pattern is the most interesting aspect of the room, an area rug can absolutely work as the room’s focal point, just as a fireplace or a piece of artwork can.

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Cool Ways to Use Traditional Rugs

Start with a large rug, then add smaller rugs in similar color to the area. For example, if you have a large burgundy area rug in the dining room, keep the decor flow going with a burgundy runner in the hallway followed with a medium-sized rug in the adjoining room.

choosing an area rug

Area rugs : How to choose the right size & shape

Place all your sitting furniture–sofa, armchairs, coffee table, side tables–just where you want them to be. Now measure the width and depth of the whole sitting area, and allow 6 to 10 extra inches on all sides. The final measurement will give you the ideal dimensions of an area rug that will define your sitting area.


Deck The Halls at Special Savings: Black Friday, Cyber Monday Sale

Traditional Black Friday sales are notorious for wearing out shoppers’ feet and leave them aching to get home and relax. Here, however, our sales come to your rescue. Not only can you stay off your feet and out of the stores by shopping online from Black Friday to Cyber Monday, but you will be ordering a rug that will pamper your feet in luxury year-round through many seasons to come.

Couristan Rugs

Couristan Area Rugs: Home Accents You Will Be Proud To Own

Couristan Rugs was founded in 1926 and has been managed by the same family ever since. That consistency is part of the reason why the company has been able to keep its focus on providing high-integrity, top quality rugs; without the concerns many publicly traded companies must attend to, it has been able to make its reputation its top priority.

Karastan Wool Rug

Karastan Sale Days are Here

From now through November 11th, 2013, Karastan is offering special prices on their carpets and area rugs. This is a great deal for anyone looking for a quality rug. Shopping always brings a tension between buying the best and getting the best price. This sale is a chance to get both at once – an opportunity that only comes twice a year. At Area Rugs Club during National Karastan Month Sale you also get free shipping in continental USA as well as free padding for all Karastan orders.