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Area Rug Labor Day Sale

Labor Day Sale: Find An Area Rug That Fits Your Budget

There are so many choices available for area rugs in variety of style, color and shape; however, finding that perfect rug in a budget we can afford in this economic times can be difficult for some of us. If you happen to be in the market for a new area rug, you’re in luck. This Labor Day (2013) quiet a few manufacturer’s are having deep discounts that are hard to come by.

Wool Rug

Important Tips to keep your Wool Area Rugs in Pristine Condition

Attend to stains in your wool rug immediately. However, do not use soap and water with a scrub brush – rubbing to hard with coarse brushes or cloth will destroy the wool fibers. The fibers of wool rugs also cannot tolerate many of the ingredients in standard carpet shampoos (which are designed for synthetic carpets). The best way to remove stains from a wool rug is to absorb as much of the stain as possible with a clean, white cloth through pressing on it (not scrubbing).


Three Trends in Contemporary Area Rug Design

In keeping with the striking geometric patterns used, many contemporary area rugs are designed in bright, bold color palettes. Striking hues of blue, red, green, yellow and orange, along with their muted counterparts of rust, coral, forest green andmidnight blue are popular color choices for many contemporary area rugs.

Eco-friendly Shag Rugs

Anji Mountain Area Rugs Feature Wonderful, Natural Fibers

From an aesthetic viewpoint, Anji Mountain’s area rugs are also top-notch on several levels. For starters, they feature warm colors that can really add ambiance to a home. Furthermore, their straightforward designs make them ideal for inclusion with an array of decorating styles.

Sphinx Caspian Rugs

Enhance a Home’s Outdoor Living Areas with Sphinx Rugs

Now that summer is here, you’ll unquestionably be spending a lot more time entertaining loved ones outdoors. Thus, you should ask yourself, “Is my outdoor living area ready to take center stage?” If it’s not, consider altering the area’s look with an Indoor/Outdoor rug.

Choosing Decorative Pillows

Look at the overall color scheme of the room, and think of how the pillow would fit into the scheme and contribute to it. For instance, if the room is full of solid rich colors – emeralds, burgundies, dark blues – picking out a striped pillow in white and pastel pink would not be the best choice.

Chandra Rugs Are Ideal for Those That Demand Eco-Friendly Products

Of course the company’s Aadi collection isn’t the only one that is designed with sustainability in mind. Their Thomas Paul, Faro, Counterfeit Studio, Bense and Dharma lines will fit right in with your environmentally friendly mindset too. Each one contains woolen area rugs in a myriad of colors, patterns, sizes and price points.

Karastan Sale

National Karastan Month – Beautify your home with Karastan rugs at special savings

Karastan cares about your home and the earth, employing sustainable materials that are Eco-friendly. For an environmentally-friendly rug that is as durable as it is beautiful, choose a Karastan wool rug made from imported New Zealand wool. Wool is naturally flame-retardant and dirt resistant, making it an excellent fiber choice for carpeting. Wool offers superior comfort with durability and is easy to clean.