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Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale: Add a Wool Area Rug to Your Home

Since wool is an all-natural fiber, it is good for you and good for the environment. Wool is a sustainable product. It may be a bit more costly from the beginning, but its longevity will more than pay for itself over time. A wool rug can easily last 20 to 25 years. After your wool area rug has lived out its life, since it is a natural product, it is completely biodegradable and will simply return to the earth.


Deck The Halls at Special Savings: Black Friday, Cyber Monday Sale

Traditional Black Friday sales are notorious for wearing out shoppers’ feet and leave them aching to get home and relax. Here, however, our sales come to your rescue. Not only can you stay off your feet and out of the stores by shopping online from Black Friday to Cyber Monday, but you will be ordering a rug that will pamper your feet in luxury year-round through many seasons to come.

Choose Wool Area Rugs for Long Lasting Beauty

An area rug is the underpinning of a room’s decor. In addition to color and beauty, it should provide comfort and warmth. In rooms with high traffic, it should also be of sturdy construction that wears well. For many, the simple and obvious choice is a wool rug.