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Contemporary Rugs

Contemporary Area Rugs – What’s Hot?

It is not only the quality in designs, color variations and durability which have made the collections of Momeni popular but the material used and the discount prices have blown off all other competitors. One of the hottest series in the field of modern area rugs has to be the Momeni Elements. This collection has seriously spell bounded the customers with its elegant and versatile designs which makes it a fit in almost every type of room.

Decorating With Contemporary Rugs

Some might think modern interiors are cold and not very homey, well if that’s what you think, maybe this style is not for you. However, a modern room today can be very comfortable and welcoming if it’s put together properly. Remember, whichever style you choose to go with, should be a reflection of your personality and where YOU feel at home.

Contemporary Rugs

Don’t be under the misconception that you have to go with bold brassy vibrant colors to be contemporary either. There are some beautiful contemporary carpets that focus on the geometric lines with earth tones that are absolutely beautiful.

Rugs: Transitional Area Rugs

Consider a room in a traditional home that has or seeks to have modern furniture; a transitional area rug easily pulls together all the design elements of that multi-hued room and seamlessly gives it a sense of style that is neither ancient nor modern but a perfect blend of the best of the two.

Foreign Accents Rugs

As anyone who has used a Foreign Accent rug knows, they have some innovative designs with unique styles that have earned it its reputation. Foreign Accent rugs not only cover the floor, they make a style statement and transform the entire look and feel of the floor.